Hello, Ponguj’s here, and today we’ll watch new trailer of Five Nights at Freddy’s Sister Location. And it’s called “Trailer 1” so there may be more interesting. Of course reading “Trailer 1”, we gets that there will be more. Okay, let’s check how it looks like. And here… Let’s back here. We have something already, we’re in the elevator. We’ve got a speaker here. We’ve got a keyboard here, a button, and a poster, showing first weird character. I’d say, it’s Minireena, because It looks like ballerina and Minireena sounds pretty similar, it’s probably some connection. We’ve got some pipes, and we’re in an elevator! What! We can hear the wispering all the time here, and it’s Baby I think. I can’t tell for now, what does it mean. (“Don’t do that against us”) There was something visible there… Oh! We finds two weird characters there. They may be figurines of another new animatronics from the game. They both design-wise looks somehow similar to Balloon Boy. There’s some control panel, a drawing of Baby I think in the corner…

And we’re going through the vents there, it looks like some free-roam here, or at least fake free-roam like it can be made in Clickteam. And that’s pretty interesting. This animation looks pretty long for Clickteam, so it’s weird… And we’ve got Funtime Foxy there, just see how these parts are moving. And this text, it beats me, we’ve seen an elevator before and it says “Deep below ground”. Sister Location to Freddy’s is deep below ground…!?!? Really, what’s going on here!? And again we have there Minireena, at least I’ll call this animatronic Minireena here. Where memories sleep. And… Funtime Freddy! These parts really moves weird. Anger is restless. And that’s… Baby I think. This place is pretty interesting, cause there are already four visible charaters. Notice speakers on the chest. And, well… Let’s stay for a while on this character. It beats me, I don’t know what’s going on anymore. Ummm… Wait. Yup, that’s what I means. On trailer, Funtime Foxy looks like that, Meanwhile, in FNaF World looks like that. This character in FNaF World isn’t even similar to this one in SL. What’s going on, right? This has 2 normal hands, 5 fingers, Speaker doesn’t even fit here.

This one has a hook. They aren’t similar, even this lower part, dress-like something in SL. They aren’t similar, what’s going on here? Well, don’t know which one doesn’t look like Funtime Foxy, I can tell that FNaF World one doesn’t look like SL one. No cuts, nothing. But okay, let’s go further. (Forgot to hid FNaFW Funtime Foxy >.<) But wait, before we go I wanted to show that. Funtime Freddy holds some Bonnie’s puppet. It’s Bonnie I think, coloristically it resembles Toy Bonnie, but I think it’s just Bonnie.

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I don’t see his cheeks so let’s say it’s Bonnie. And we can see here this Minireena from different angle. Funtime Freddy, he’s purple here, when Foxy is pink. They all looks pretty similar, that’s Funtime-like design. And this zoom for… Wait. Notice how Funtime Foxy opens. Huh, what is it? I thought it supposed to show some facial movements. But nope, it just randomly opens. And of course Baby. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location. Game is coming this fall. There’s no normal game jumpscare, but there’s THIS. (Hah, sorry for that Foxy ._.) Again. What’s going on here actually? I’ll play that again, quieter. So, what can I say now. This looks awfully weird. Location hid deep under ground. Why? I have no idea. Well, if FNaF world isn’t post-apocaliptic something, I dunno what is it, why is it so deep under ground. Well, it’s kinda confirmed, that they all are clown-like. Some circus something, not sure. Funtime Freddy looks…

White. Yes, everyone are white here with some additional color. Well, this hand is blue. Faces are white, overall is white, some elements are colored. Generally, our known Mangle fits to this concept. So, there’s some connection here. But still I can’t tell what’s going on here. Can I add something here… Well, these whispers are pretty interesting. It’s confirmed, that Sister Location will have voices, there’ll be voice acting and we can already see a lot of it just in the trailer. It’s interesting, it’s also kinda element to scare. If we talk about gameplay, yes, gameplay is also… …pretty wondering, we have this elevator, right? What’s going on with this elevator, vents and “free-roaming”? Fake or not, but still free roam. I don’t know what add more now. It’s first trailer of Sister Location. And it looks great.

I can’t add anything more now I think. If you’ve found anything more in this trailer, you can also check it on Scott’s Youtube It’s not like… Oh, sorry, haha. I forgot to turn off Funtime Foxy Okay, so that was pretty dumb. That’s all in this episode, thanks you all for watching, check the original, bye!.

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